Winds of Change LES 2023 Annual Meeting

Wei Shi

Director of Patent Acquisitions

Mr. Shi has been serving at Xiaomi since 2016 as Director of Patent Acquisitions. Mr. Shi’s 25+ years’ career includes a variety of capacities covering the entire value chain of IP business in high tech industry. Mr. Shi is the inventor of more than 60 patents.

Before joining Xiaomi,Mr. Shi has held multiple positions in IP business in NA and China, including partner and VP in charge of IP investment and operations at Zhigu in Beijing, where he raised China’s first IP operation fund, the Head of Patent Acquisitions for Hardware Business Unit at Intellectual Ventures in Seattle, and Senior Program Manager at Chipworks in Ottawa, which benefited from more than 5 years’ chip design and Manufacturing experience in Semiconductor industry in China and Singapore.

Mr. Shi graduated from Southeast University in China in 1995 with an Engineering Degree in Radio Engineering.