Winds of Change LES 2023 Annual Meeting

Sandeep Agarwal


Sandeep Agarwal is the CEO of XLSCOUT, an AI based platform for IP practitioners. XLSCOUT has trained cutting edge LLMs to integrate in the workflow of patent prosecution, analysis and monetization.

Prior to XLSCOUT, Sandeep founded Goalset IP LLC, a consulting company for patent transactions. He spent a decade at Adeia/Xperi/Tessera as Vice President of patent acquisitions, portfolio development and licensing support. Earlier he was CEO and President of Clairvolex Inc., an IP services company and worked at IP Value Management Inc. for patent monetization.

Sandeep is also well versed with federal and university technology transfer systems through his work at federal institutions and leadership of a business accelerator.

Sandeep holds an MBA in International Management, MS in Industrial Engineering and BS in Mechanical Engineering. He is a certified licensing professional (CLP), has authored several IP articles and is a frequent presenter /speaker at conferences. He has been recognized as one of “World’s Top 300 leading IP Strategists” by the IAM magazine.