Winds of Change LES 2023 Annual Meeting

Matan Arazi


Matan Arazi is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Aimcast and brings with him vast leadership expertise and multiple successful exits in the technology world. He is the founder of Medycus, a health and wellness mobile app and machine-learning system and has served as Director of Technology for A2i, a data management startup that was acquired by SAP. Matan also co-founded MercaLink, a CDO and reinsurance trading application. He has launched new companies, in wisdom-based data discovery (Tikali, used by world-leading Fortune 500 companies in Energy and Aerospace sectors), entertainment (Audish/, audio/music (AuDeeva) and mobile apps (ToldU). He is named as an inventor on over 20 patents and has 13 patents for which he is the sole inventor, with more pending.

Matan is one of the world’s leading cyber security experts and has collaborated on many papers and books in the cyber security field. Matan’s career began in Japan where he served as a computer consultant and application developer for multiple Fortune 500 companies while still in his teens and continued at multiple elite units of the Israeli Defense Forces Intelligence Corps, in programs reserved for recruits who have demonstrated unique and outstanding qualities in leadership and in the sciences.  He was featured in Jason Gewirtz’s book, “Israel’s Edge,” a story of IDF’s most elite unit featuring Israel’s brightest minds in the technology industry.