Winds of Change LES 2023 Annual Meeting

Kent Baker

Head of IP Strategy, Litigation & Licensing
u-blox AG Intellectual Property & Standards

Mr. Baker has over three decades of global business, technology, and patent expertise working with both patent holders and implementers. He advises governments and associations on building standards, regulatory and intellectual property policies and is a recognized expert. Serving in key roles regarding R&D investment while identifying “revolutionary” versus “evolutionary” innovations, he has created innovation monetization and licensing strategies at u-blox AG – a GNSS/POS and wireless IoT module manufacturer – and other companies including the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) and Qualcomm. His experiences provide unique perspectives of the licensing paradox experienced by startups/small/medium sized companies needing fair and reasonably valued access to standard essential patents (SEPs). Knowing both patent holder and implementor concerns, he clarifies the rhetoric concerning stakeholders in various market verticals and fallacies surrounding the implementation of product, end product, or use based licensing only. Mr. Baker has a B.S.M.E./E.E., is certified in Material Science, has a MBA, a J.D. degree, and is a registered patent attorney. He is published, teaches at University of San Diego, and speaks regularly on intellectual property related topics.