Winds of Change LES 2023 Annual Meeting

Keith Blankenship

Da Vinci’s Notebook LLC

Keith Blankenship, Founder of Da Vinci’s Notebook LLC. A published research chemist and graduate of a top-ten law school, Mr. Blankenship has litigated some of the nation’s most high-profile intellectual property cases for and against industry leaders. His multiple precedent-setting opinions have changed the legal landscape for a host of federal litigation issues including discovery violations, copyright and brand scope, multi-jurisdictional litigation procedure, and international litigation prerequisites under the Hague Convention. Currently he is litigating one of the nation’s most high-profile social media cases, Griner v. King – presently in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Law Review Articles from both Harvard and Georgetown have dedicated articles to his litigation strategies. Whatever credentials he has amassed, his defining attribute is that he litigates cases as though the outcome matters to him.