Winds of Change LES 2023 Annual Meeting

Carter Eltzroth

Legal Director
DVB Project

Carter Eltzroth is Legal Director of the DVB Project.  DVB is the standards development organisation in Geneva that sets technical standards for digital video broadcasting and related fields.  Among his activities at DVB is development and management of DVB’s IPR policy.  In private practice he has also represented other standards bodies, such as the IEEE and Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, and has been active within DVB and for the Media Coding Industry Forum (MC-IF) in the fostering of the formation of patent pools for standard essential patents.

Carter Eltzroth has been instrumental as well in audiovisual copyright, having formed and managed a European association fighting the piracy of audiovisual works.  Under his leadership, this association brought about the adoption within the European Union of legislation protecting encrypted audiovisual works and services.  Prior to his activity with DVB, he was the General Counsel for a European pay-TV broadcaster.

He  is a member of the New York bar and a graduate of Oxford University and Columbia Law School. Carter Eltzroth is Senior Member of IEEE and has served as adjunct Professor of Law at American University, Washington.  He writes and speaks frequently on issues relating to standards and patents, including for LES and LES Nouvelles.

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