Winds of Change LES 2023 Annual Meeting

Alex Debski

Director of Licensing

Alex Debski has over 13 years of experience in patent licensing and enforcement.  As a Director of Licensing at Sisvel Group, he is responsible for patent licensing of standard essential technologies (including Wi-Fi 6, 5G, IoT, video codecs, etc.) primarily focused on the U.S. market as well as providing support and legal counsel to Sisvel’s global joint licensing, pool administration, and business development activities.  Alex handles all aspects of the patent licensing process from technical and commercial discussions with potential licensees to drafting and finalizing license agreements.

Before joining Sisvel Group, Alex was a Partner at Global IP Law Group, LLC, where he acted as lead counsel in patent monetization activities (including licensing, patent divestiture, and litigation assertion programs).  Alex also provided patent portfolio management counseling, opinions, and valuations.